Saturday, August 16, 2014

Gizmonthly Subscription Box Review

Photo Credit: Gizmonthly

Gizmonthly is a new tech and gadget subscription box. The company promises to scour the world for awesome gizmos (see the correction pronunciation of the business name from this word... dirty birds) & gadgets, wrap them nicely in a box and ship them to you every month. They say you can vote for your favorite and they will ship it to you although it's not very clear on their site on how to do this (maybe social media?). A satisfaction survey is mentioned but I couldn't find it anywhere. They also promise to send extra mystery gadgets to make sure every box is a surprise. I know this process did not happen with the August box, they just sent the box of items. There was no vote on anything in the box so maybe they are planning this new plan with the September box???

I subscribed to this box for Nate. See he's a BIG fan of tech and gadgets and this seemed right up his ally. Boxes start at $19.99 (including shipping) for a monthly plan and can go down to $17.99 with an annual plan. I had Nate signed up for the Birchbox Men's box but that was way too much primping for his liking. Gizmonthly seemed like a good replacement.

Nate and our resident junior tech geek Uriyah were so excited to open this box when it arrived that I didn't even get to take unboxing photos! All the photos in this post will be borrowed from the internets.

Gizmonthly really took the time to make the packaging of this first box special. The box came with a postcard telling why each item was picked and a call out at the bottom to email/tweet them your thoughts on the box and how you used the items. Each item was also wrapped up in blue tissue paper.

Here is what was in the August 2014 box:

HYPE Bluetooth Speaker Pod: They sent out the black speaker. It also comes in blue and red. Truth be told Nate was the most excited about this item since he's been contemplating getting a Bluetooth speaker for some time but out of the box the Bluetooth did not work! Tried as we might, we could not get the Bluetooth to connect. The speaker would only work if it was plugged into a power source. Nate wasn't happy but I emailed the company and they offered to send a new one out (which they had personally tested by the way). We are pleased with their customer service.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Pro'sKit Mini Vise: This is a cool little tool and Uriyah took to it right away. He found it fun to see what surfaces he could get it to stick to. I'm excited about it because I can see myself using it for my crafting. Nate says he will use it too. An item that pleases 3 out of the 4 people in this house is a winner in my book! This is also an item that I wouldn't think that I would need until I had it in my possession, which is great for a sub box.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Vibe Sound In-Ear Headphones: We got these in bright blue. To me, just another set of cheap headphones. Uriyah recently destroyed his last pair so these went to him. He likes them well enough and I like that when they get destroyed or lost again (because they will), I won't need to panic.

Photo Credit
Astronaut Ice Cream Sandwich: True story this used to be what I looked forward to the most when going to the science museum. It's not for everyone due to the weird texture but it's a treat that takes me back to my childhood. It was also pretty fun to gauge the kids reactions while eating it.

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So... with around $30 worth of goods the value is there. However, I really want to be wowed. I was promised awesome gizmos & gadgets and I'm sorry but cheap headphones and freeze dried ice cream ain't it. Here's to hoping they take the feedback they are soliciting and bring on the awesome items in their next box.

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