Sunday, June 1, 2014

Skoshbox Subscription Box Review

Fun fact: I LOVE JAPAN! I love everything about Japan so much so that I feel strongly that I was Japanese in a past life. I took Japanese for three years in high school and even have my name in Japanese tattooed on my body (yeah I'm a bad ass). Japan is my trip of a lifetime and going there is right at the top of my bucket list right alongside dinner with Oprah :)

So when I found out that there was a Japanese snack subscription box I gleefully handed over my credit card info. Skoshbox is a monthly subscription box which delivers Japanese candies and snacks right to your door.

Pricing for Skoshbox is $12/month. Here is what was in my June Box:

Matcha Mochi Choco Square: Loved this! It's green tea flavored with a mochi (gummy) center. Also on a fun note because my kids are way into this box, I was able to split this little square into three teenie tiny pieces... Thank goodness I found these on Ebay so I can get my hands on more.

Kit Kat Bake-Pudding: They do fun things with their snacks in Japan and this is a prime example. To fully enjoy this treat you are supposed to broil it for 1-2 minutes until golden. This creates a creme brulee finish. Creme brulee is my absolute favorite dessert and I wish I had patience for that but I just don't. If you don't broil it, these taste just like a white chocolate Kit Kat.

Wasabi Kakinotane: This is a tasty mix of wasabi flavored crackers and peanuts. I love wasabi but for obvious reasons can only take it in small doses. The amount on these is just right. The kids wanted nothing to do with this so I got these babies all to myself.... score!

Matcha Okoshi: This is like a green tea flavored rice crispy treat without that pesky marshmallow. It's not my thing but it wasn't inedible. I guess that's not exactly a glowing endorsement...

Takoyaki & Corn Potage Umaibo: Fun fact, tako means octopus and yaki means grilled in Japanese. To me the takoyaki flavor in this umaibo tastes like the flavoring used on ketchup fries. Uriyah finished this one off as one bite was enough for me and Aaliyah wanted nothing to do with it. The corn potage oddly melts in your mouth and tastes just like creamed corn. Aaliyah adores corn and anything related so she gobbled this up before I could even take another bite. I adore the fun colors of the packaging and I'm inspired to create a textile design from it...

Bake-Choco: Another fun treat. You microwave these for 25-45 seconds and the chocolate filling inside gets all warm and gooey. We did this and for us there wasn't a whole lot of warm gooey filling but Aaliyah is our house chocaholic and she loved them. 

Harvest Green Tea Crackers: These are lovely green tea flavored crackers. They have a strong butter flavor that is awesome. Loved them with my morning coffee. 

So lots of fun items in this box and a great steal in my opinion. It's the closest I'll get to Japan at the moment and I'll take it!

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