Sunday, June 8, 2014

Our Week of Plated Meals

Plated is a weekly meal subscription delivery service that has changed my life! They send you all the ingredients you need to prepare meals that you choose from an assorted mix of 7 options. You can sign up for their membership option which saves you $3 off every meal, or you can just pay as you go.

Plated ships via FedEx and delivers twice a week. I have been wanting to try a meal delivery service for awhile but for the most part these services stick to the coastal states. Once I found out this was open to the good 'ol Midwest for delivery I jumped on it.

Every Saturday for the past two months we have been getting four to six meals delivered to our door. I must admit the road hasn't always been golden. Many of our boxes have come with issues but the customer service at Plated has been amazing and corrections have been granted swiftly.

Here's our selections from last week:

Thai Chicken Burgers: I was excited about these because I have never had Thai flavors in a burger before. Also I had never made a chicken burger and that was interesting as well. This was really good. I usually stay far away from using fish sauce in a recipe because it tends to overwhelm everything. I wanted this recipe to taste authentic so I used it and it blended so well with all the other ingredients that I'm no longer afraid of fish sauce! The rice was your typical cilantro and lime variety, the star here was the burger.

Spaghetti with Meatballs, Pesto & Greens: This was also really good! I loved that this sauce was made from pesto and the meatballs were full of flavor. I think I should have added more salt to the spaghetti water as the noodles were a little bland. The kids even got into this which of course is extremely rare due to the green.

White Pizza with Arugula and Balsamic Cherry Tomatoes: Love making our own pizza! Because I'm married to one of the biggest carnivores in history, I brought some sun-dried tomato chicken sausage to add to the mix. Also because this pizza was way too adult I bought ingredients at the store to make a simple pepperoni pizza for the kids. Delicious pizza was had by all!

Lemon Oregano Tofu over Greek Salad: I like having salad for dinner. It feels good getting full on veggies but Nate was having none of this. He ate it only because he wanted to make me happy. Next time I'll add a chicken breast in place of the tofu just for him :)

If you are interested in giving Plated a try you can use code 02ffc0 to get 50% off your first order!

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