Thursday, May 22, 2014

Things I'm Loving and Hating At The Moment

I thought I would again take the chance to rant about the things that I am loving & hating at the moment. You could read about my first rant here. I think I will keep these posts going monthly as I like sharing and maybe one or more of these people will relate to.

Love: The Sun! I know everyone of my Facebook friends was worn out from my "I'm so sick of winter" posts but damn... this winter went on forEVA! The kids got crazy bored, the dogs got stir crazy, the hubs got a bad case of the sads and if I'm being honest, so did I! As I have gotten older I have come to realize that I need high doses of that good 'ol vitamin D. Seeing the sun out and showing off has really put me in a much better mood! I can't wait to spend nights on my patio, grill everything in sight and drink fancy cocktails out of even fancier cups :) Bring on the sun!


Love: Amazing Sales! Sometimes there are deals so good it brings tears to my eyes, like literal tears. For me this week it's the Bath and Body Works Memorial Day sale. I usually save my BBW fandom for their hand soaps but today's post from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom had me rushing in a frenzy to pick up some 3-wick candles. 5 candles and $47 later (damn sales tax) and I'm one happy chica. My house will stank up a storm and that's just the way I like it!


Love: not Frozen "Let It Go" its IGGY Fancy lip dub YouTube Vid: I adore when a daddy and a daughter can bond and this video captures it oh so well. This is giving me all kinds of Alex & Phil Modern Family realness! Lots of hate in the comment section though about safety while driving. Yeah okay buzz-kills, can't we just love this video for what it is?! Which of course is pure awesomeness!

Love: Subscription Boxes! Um... yeah I can admit when I have a problem and Houston, I have a problem! Within the last two months I have fallen off the deep end with subscription boxes. I pretty much have a box for every category imaginable and don't tell the hubs but yesterday I subscribed to three more! In my defense I also cancelled three subscriptions so they cancel each other out... right?


Hate: Blogging Subscription Box Reviews: April was the month a lot of the new subscription boxes that I signed up for came and I went full force with my blog reviews but then you know what happened? I got burnt out! I highly over estimated how much work goes into a review post. Also because I'm a giant perfectionist I needed everything to be just right. It got real old, real fast and so I took a break in May from reviews. I'll be back in June but I think I will only review boxes that have few reviews or who's contents really excite me. Reviewing every single box I get is just not in the cards. At least not until I'm able to quit my full time job and devote every waking moment to it :)

Hate: Superbowl 2018 in Minneapolis: Shoot me all you want but I don't get football, really any sport for that matter. While all the rest of Minnesota is ecstatic about the 2018 Superbowl coming to the Mini-apple all I can think about it the insane clusterfu*k this is going to cause. The traffic, the riots, the crowds... blech. Keep it all! Although the new stadium does look pretty sweet.


Welp, that is all. Until next month...

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  1. It is so true that blogging every single little review gets old! I decided to cut back on my subscription reviews and only highlight my favorites. My blog is my space, and subscriptions are only one of my interests. I love the background of your blog. Do you knit? I crochet. stopping by through the linkup. Nice to "meet" you! Mom's Got Mail

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I do knit but I crochet as well :) Look forward to getting to know you.


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