Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Uriyah's Opera Debut

Uriyah was in his first Opera performance a few weeks back. The Opera was The Cunning Little Vixen and was put on by the University of Minnesota Opera Theatre. He has been provided with so many unique opportunities thanks to the Metropolitan Boys Choir. Uriyah has been a member of that choir for almost 6 years now! Time is really speeding by fast when it comes to our kids!

In the Opera Uriyah played a rabbit & a fox cub. Both of which he was amazing at. It's so humbling to see him so focused and tuned in when he performs. Nate and I are not huge fans of Opera and will admit to struggling to sit though it all, but watching him up on that stage was a proud moment for us.

I don't have any photos from the actual performance but I do have two adorable photos of Uriyah backstage in his costumes. The University let us keep them so we will be getting some more use out of these come Halloween time :)

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