Thursday, April 10, 2014

Surprise Ride Subscription Box Review


I couldn't get into the subscription box game as deep as I have without including every family member in it as well. This ensures everyone is happy and no one is keeping a side eye on how many of my boxes are coming through the door :) I decided to subscribe to this box for Aaliyah. I love this box for Aaliyah as it is well balanced. It hits both her love of discovery & love of art/projects.

Surprise Ride is a monthly subscription box which promises to deliver a Monthly Box of Adventure. The boxes are designed around a theme and include fun travel inspired categories such as:
Checked Bag: All the supplies needed to complete projects that explore the month’s    theme.
Carry-Ons: A book, a snack, or other fun surprises to go along with the ride.
Travel Guide: Our famous Surprise Ride booklet with lessons on the theme, interesting facts, and ways to continue the exploration.
Pricing for the Surprise Box is $29.99/mo but can start at $24.99/mo with a yearly subscription. The April box was Ancient Egypt themed. Here is what was in the box:

Flamous Organic Original Falafel Chips: Aaliyah was not featuring these chips and truth be told, neither was I. We had to dig out the salsa to eat them and with salsa they weren't that bad.

Canvas Bag, Fabric Markers & Egyptian Stencils Booklet: Aaliyah got to make her own Adventure Bag with markers and stencils. There were special instructions included to design the bag according to Ancient Egypt ways but if there is one thing Aaliyah is not having, it's rules about how she creates. She just went and did her own thing, making her artist mama very proud in the process.

Flat Stanley Book, Hieroglyphics Postcard & Papyrus: Aaliyah squealed when she spotted the Flat Stanley Book. Apparently she is a big fan of these books at her school and she has yet to read this one. She also had a lot of fun with the Hieroglyphic alphabet and plans to make copies of these cards to give to her friends so they can write secret notes to each other. The Papyrus while cool was kind of a dud for Aaliyah. She asked me what to do with it, I suggested cutting it up into shapes and using it in a collage. She didn't seem all that interested so I plan to use it in my scrap booking.

GeoCentral Pyramid Dig Kit: Oooh we were so excited for this kit. It looked so amazing but then we opened it and got started. WARNING: If you are extremely anal retentive like me and can't stand the thought of rust colored dust on every surface of your home... this may not be the kit for you. It was truly a gigantic mess. Oh and Aaliyah has that dreaded squirrel syndrome where she gets bored quickly and so she was leaving the table and touching her face, the couch, the keyboard... I let her have about 10 minutes going to town on this thing and then mommy took over and put it under the sink to soften the clay and get the treasure out.

Harney & Sons Camomile Tea Sachet: This tea is made from chamomile flowers from Egypt. Mommy will enjoy this this evening before I go to sleep.

Aaliyah is in love with this box and can't wait to see what will be the theme for next month. I also love it and think it's the perfect balance of education & fun activities. Do you subscribe to Surprise Box? What do think of this month's box?

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