Friday, April 18, 2014

KLUTCHbox Best of Box Review

I recently became a subscriber of KLUTCHclub's KLUTCHbox. You can read my first review here. I recently was emailed the opportunity to get a Best Of Box for free, I just had to pay the $8 for shipping. This Best of Box promises $75+ of the latest and greatest favorites culled from each month's regular KLUTCHboxes. Because of this the products are always evolving so each Best of Box is different. Of course this was an opportunity I could not pass up!

Here is what was in my box:

jaali bean Lentil Soup Kit in Savory & Spiced:  Aaliyah blurted out that she loves lentils when she saw this in the box. I have never given the girl a lentil in my life so I was shocked. Turns out a member of the community co-op comes to her school and cooks little know grains/veggies for her class to get the kids to be open to trying & eating new things. And here I thought I had the pickiest eater ever! I usually stay far away from soup kits because the end result is less to be desired (think freeze dried wall paste). However, this kit has nicely preserved ingredients (meaning I don't have to guess what they are) and I'm excited to make it for a lunch one of these weekends soon.

Yogi Detox Tea: I like the idea of detox but have always been too chicken sh*t to try it myself. In all the stories I've heard, the amazing results always seem to come at a horrific price. Weather it's crapping your pants or passing out from lack of subsistence... it all sounds a bit too extreme ya know? I do love a good cup of tea so maybe this would be a good gateway to the full detox experience.

Crum Creek Mini-Breadsticks: I got so excited when I saw these. I'm a snack girl and love nothing more then to slouch on the couch with a snack in hand zoning out to the television. I ripped these open pushed a stick into my mouth hole and then... struggled to get in down :( These are so GROSS! They are extremely dry and there is not a lick of salt to be found. I couldn't run from these fast enough!

Penta Ultra-Purified Water
: Nope! I'm sorry y'all I can't. What in the hell is ultra-purified water??? Tastes just like good 'ol tap to me and at $34.95 for a 24 pack, I can't afford to drink this holy than thou water anyway. It feels like something Oprah would hand out in one of her giveaways that would be greeted with this reaction:

Dr. Schulze's Oral Therapy: The ingredients in this herbal mouthwash read like the ingredients for a witch's brew. But hey, I like to think that I'm adventurous enough... the habanero pepper listed doesn't sound pleasant. Maybe I'll pass this along to one of my more crunchy friends. I think I'll stick to my Scope.

Eclos Daily HydraPrimer SPF 30 Broad Spectrum: I'm not a girl who paints her face. As I'm getting older however I've started to realize that I look a wee bit better with some coverage. Enter the handy primer/bb cream. This primer is thick which is great for my skin in the dry winter but won't hold up in the humid summer. Luckily I live in Minnesota where it's winter 9 months out of the year so I'll use this up in no time. I should give a word of caution, this is a tinted primer and it's tinted a chocolate milk brown so I'm not sure how well it would look on a fairer lady. 

Soleil Bella Disposable Razor: Just a run of the mill disposable razor. Nothing to see here folks. I am however very greatful that this baby showed up as I had just used my last one. Still don't know how this fits into a health & wellness box though...

Puracyn Wound & Skin Care Solution: My kids have this thing where they fall down for no apparent reason. Do yours have this too? This causes lots of scrapes and ouchies. Also we are finally going to teach the kids how to ride bikes this summer (I know, I know... Uriyah is 9... No judgements!). This will come in handy for those moments. We usually use the antibiotic ointment but I think the spray might work better. The less you touch a scrape the less you have to risk ear drum rupture from the panicked screams of your little one.

BOPS Organic Potato Snacks in Sour Cream & Onion: These are baked and with all that healthy info you look for (Non GMO, organic, gluten free). These just don't do it for me. I have yet to find a healthy potato chip that tastes like a potato chip! Also the fact that they can't even call them a chip irks me. What is that about?

Gnu Foods FiberLove Bar in Cinnamon Raisin: This was great but it had a weird aftertaste... almost acidic. I try to follow a high fiber diet and this fits right in but I don't think this flavor is for me. I think I will have to give one of the other flavors a try.

So that is that. Whew... that was a lot! I just might have to order another Best of Box in a few months after they have time to rotate out the items.

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