Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Aaliyah's 7th Birthday Art Party

Well here we are. Another year has gone by and my baby is one year older. Aaliyah has really grown into herself this year. Any one who knows her, knows she is VERY opinionated. Side note: I wonder where she gets that from? :) This is the year that she will finally have a party with invites to all of her friends. The party was this past Saturday and she had it planned down to the smallest detail! This of course made her mama very happy as all I had to do was execute & execute I did!

It started with the invite. I knew I wanted to have her be the focus. She is just so flippin' beautiful to have it be any other way (I mean, look at that mess of curls!). I took this photo on my iPhone using the side of our house as the backdrop. I made sure I lined it up so that I would have room for the pendant flag. I then used Gimp software to add the pendant flag, winged heart & text. Side note: my graphic design background probably helped significantly with this. Once the image was done it was only a matter of uploading it to Shutterfly and ordering 12 copies. I needed envelopes. I was going to purchase pink colored ones but once I saw the price compared to the plain 'ol white ones, plain 'ol white ones it was!

Aaliyah is an artist and wanted to have a party where she was able to make art with her friends. Our city of Eden Prairie, MN has a really neat building which was recently turned into an Art Center. The Art Center offers some really great options for children's birthday parties. I highly recommend it for anyone in the Minnesota metro area.

The next thing to figure out was the cake. Aaliyah decided on chocolate cupcakes after browsing my Pinterest cupcake board (yep... I have one of those). I wanted to make the cupcakes extra special by decorating them with edible butterflies. I found an amazing shop on Etsy, The NM Sugar Shack, where I was able to purchase a whole sheet for very little money. I also added purple & pink sprinkles for extra flair. To cut down on mess I put each cupcake in a cupcake box. This way the girls could choose to bring their cupcakes home or if they didn't finish there was a convenient container to tote them home in.

Next were the gift bags. We went with these fun fabric doodle bags. I wanted the bags to be something the girls could reuse. They were filled to the brim with all sorts of goodies from Oriental Trading Company. That site is AMAZING if you are planning a party of any sort.

Throw in some balloons, kid sized bottles of water, napkins & table covers and you got yourself a party! Here are some pictures of Aaliyah & her friends working on their art projects :)

Stay tuned! Uriyah's gamers birthday party is only a month away...

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  1. Aaliyah is looking very sweet in the pictures. Looks like she had an amazing birthday celebration and the choice of venue for the event was quite suitable for the kids. My boy will be turning 10 tomorrow and I have also arranged a wonderful party for him at one of the popular San Francisco venues.


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