Saturday, October 26, 2013

Halloween Costumes 2013

Wowzers, I'm even later completing Halloween costumes then I was last year! I am so completely ecstatic about this years dress up choice. I have been anxiously awaiting the creating of this costume idea for THREE years! You may remember me mentioning it in my Halloween 2010 post.

This year the kids are a Peanut Butter & Jelly...


Okay, maybe I'm a little too excited but come on! They are SUPER CUTE! Uriyah once again was not having it at all but I begged and pleaded and finally got my way! I promised this was the last Halloween where I would have a say in how they dressed up (sad face). They are growing up way too fast!

This was easy enough to make too. I started out with two blocks of foam:

Sketched out a bread slice shape:

Warning: I got lazy and/or distracted so the pictures are sparse beyond this point :)

Then I cut out the shape with a box cutter; very carefully! Next I used the foam bread shape as an outline to make the front & back pieces from felt. The crust is made by measuring around the bread shape and cutting out a strip long enough from the felt to wrap around. Mine ended up being 2 inches wide by 72 inches long.

I then sketched out the shape of the peanut butter & jelly. This was all free form and really as long as you have rounded edges you can't really go wrong. I then machine stitched this to the front bread slices with a zigzag stitch.

Here is the color palette of the felt I used:

Because of the silly monitor the jelly looks blue... I assure you it's purple in real life. 

Everything is then hand-stitched together. You could machine stitch but I felt I had more control with hand sewing. Plus since you are working with felt, you don't have to worry about the fabric unraveling. I also found it easier to line everything up by starting the crust at the indent of the bread. Sew the crust to the front piece of bread, using the foam to hold the shape. Then sew the back piece of bread to the other side of the crust.

Once I had the slice all sewed up, I hand stitched elastic bands to the back crisscross style. You have to make sure the elastic is taunt enough to hold the slice up against the body. I left a little slack as I fully expect the kids to have to wear their winter coats this year (weather report says it might even snow/rain). Just one of the many perks of living in Minnesota :)

And now a few more pictures:


  1. How cute and adorable the bread slices are, I am flattered to visit and see how one can be so creative, I appreciate the way you guys have been sharing all the amazing information and ideas with us, Thanks again.


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