Monday, November 19, 2012

Aaliyah's 6th Birthday

Whew, the year has just flew past it seems. Here we are towards the end of November and that means our baby girl has just turned another year older. This year has been a big one for Aaliyah. She started school, made her first best friend and this happened:

Yep, she lost her first tooth! This seemed like a long time coming. For weeks she was pushing and pulling at that tooth, willing it to break free. Of course it didn't happen until she was attempting to brush her teeth. I'm shocked it didn't get rinsed down the sink. She happily put the tooth under her pillow and was beaming when she awoke to find her $2 prize.

This year was supposed to be the year Aaliyah got the "invite people" party she has been asking for but we just didn't have time to plan it the way I wanted to so I was able to convince her to stick to our birthday tradition of doing things the birthday person wants to do for the whole day. This is how Aaliyah's day went:

First she asked to eat breakfast at Ikea and then to play in their Smaland play area. She loves the ball pit and coloring and I love the 99 cent breakfast!

Next we got some Jimmy Johns for lunch and headed to the "greatest park of all time" according to Aaliyah. I won't argue. They don't call it the "shoots & ladders" park for nothing. It's a pretty amazing park and both Aaliyah & Uriyah had lots of fun there. 

We ended the day at the Brunswick bowling alley by our house. They have an arcade and Aaliyah had lots of fun running from game to game & racking up those prize tickets. Brunswick recently changed over their whole arcade so everything is run off of a "debit card" that holds your money balance now. Aaliyah really liked pretending she had a credit card and swiping to pay for the games. With all her winnings she was able to get a monkey figurine and a bright orange slinky. 

We headed back home and cut into her Hello Kitty cake. This was a special request from Aaliyah and the first cake I have ever made and decorated for my kids. Although at first I thought it looked horrible, her smile when she looked at it made all that nonsense go away.

Next up is Uriyah's birthday and I'm sure there will be much more adventure for his special day. As the children get older I'm starting to realize more and more the differences between boys & girls.

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