Tuesday, August 28, 2012

School Lunch Organization

Both my kids start school next week... yep I said kids as in plural, two children, both in school (I'll have another post all about that situation next week).

I made the decision to kick my butt into high gear and get some organization in place. A few weeks ago I pinned this pin while browsing Pinterest for organization ideas.

First and foremost I love that it takes the bulk of work off of me to put together the kid's lunches! All I have to do is make the main dish (most likely a sandwich). I also adore the sheer joy of seeing it all neatly organized and labeled. After all, I am nothing if not a sucka for neat & tidy.

This is what I came up with:

Lunch bags sit on top & the orange crate holds neatly folded plastic bags from the grocery store to reuse.

The bin categories are:
Granola & Breakfast Bars
Salty Snacks (chips & crackers)
Drinks (juice boxes & small water bottles)
Fruit & Pudding (pudding snacks, fruit in a cup & dried fruit)
Sweet Snacks (cookies, cakes & fruit Snacks)
Extras (straws, spoons, little lunch note cards, etc.)

I'm not picky when it comes to snack options for my kids so I have fruit snacks, potato chips & juice boxes but what is great about this is that it is totally customizable to your family. Gluten-Free, Organic, Vegan...

I'm even seeing Nate and I enjoying pulling items from these bins for our lunches. The kids so far have been really responsive to it and I'm hoping it will help in keeping the plan operating throughout this school year.

Click to see my Organization Board on Pinterest!

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