Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Vegetable Garden Update

I'm amazed at how much the garden has changed in just a week. The weeds are out of control & I just don't know what to do to rid myself of them without using chemicals (which is prohibited by our lease contract). We tried mulch but they just don't care. They are determined to choke out my plants and we frankly are running out of energy to stop them. I sure would appreciate any feedback on this.

Here are some visual updates:

The lettuce bed has shot up and filled out nicely. It's pretty much ready to harvest:

Here's one of our pumpkin plants. This looks like we will start to see blooms on it soon:

Our orange bell pepper. Right now it's the only bell pepper plant that has managed to thrive. My plan is to purchase more established plants to plant along side it:

Our burgundy okra. I love the color of the stem. It's so striking against the dark green of the leaves. We have 5 of these that have grown and I'm planning to add 5 more of a giant German variety:

Here we have my flowering radishes and the resulting spicy, fibrous & basically non-edible root. I'll chop this up to inexperience. I did not know that radishes were a cool weather crop. Once the heat gets too high they bolt and start to make flowers to spread their seeds. Apparently once this happens the radish gets extremely spicy and fibrous and doesn't taste good anymore. Lesson learned & these will be getting pulled up soon and left for the rabbits. I just need to figure out what will be going in their place:

Our first baby tomato! This little guy will mature into a lemon boy and I can't tell you how excited I was to discover it's presence. We got our support cages up this week and it looks like it was just in the nick of time. With all the rain and hot temps we have been getting our tomatoes should be needing the support soon:

Here we have our snow peas. These babies are going to be purple and I'm excited to see them. We still need to get around to placing a trellis for these as they like to attach and grow vertical. This one snow pea plant appears to be the only one that wants to thrive which I'm sad about because I really wanted a ton of these:

We also dug up our celery & carrot patch as sadly nothing was growing there. I plan to put bush beans, edamame & peas in their place.  I also purchased an insecticidal soap which I am spraying on the leaves of my plants to stop the damage I have noticed and I'm sad to say my garden has had it's first casualty:

Rest in Peace Beautiful Caterpillar



  1. Just happened upon your blog from the maxi dress pattern. What a nice garden! I just put one in this year too and already have plans to expand it. My zucchini plants have taken over! I actually had to pull two out today. I live in a totally different climate (GA) so mine is already producing. My bush beans are doing great but I wish I had planted A LOT more. Pole beans produce more and I plan to try them next year. I started the bush bean seeds in a zip lock baggie with a damp paper towel three days before I put them in the garden. That way I can be sure they germinate. My tomatoes are still ripening but I've had a few cucumbers, beans, peppers, and zucchini.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment! Gardening has been such a stress reliever for me. It's exciting to here about your garden experience. I plan to use your zip lock baggie trick :)


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