Thursday, June 7, 2012

Vegetable Garden 2012

Years ago when we lived in our small two bedroom apartment I would fill containers on our small balcony with tomato and cucumber plants and they would happily grow and give us a small bounty of fresh goodness to feast on. Since we've been in our townhouse I haven't felt the urge to maintain a patio garden. Last year I read on our city's community webpage that I could rent a 20x30 plot to sow a garden. I wasn't ready then but this year I decided to take the plunge.

Because I'm so type A I wanted to plan my garden down to the last row. One of the awesome things about being married to a techie is that I have learned to incorporate apps into my mundane tasks. I went searching on the Apple App Store and found Garden Plan Pro which has allowed me to lay out my garden beautifully. It tells me which plants to plant next to each other in the same "bed" & looks really pretty which as I designer I LOVE :)

My garden plan:

So the second week of May... mother's day to be exact, Nate and I set up shop in our plot and went to work laying out my garden according to this plan. It was so satisfying seeing the plans come to life but the work was a killer on my back and knees. I tell you nothing says "You are 30" like slumping for hours over dirt and rocks. I'm also so weirdly proud of my custom made plant signs.

The garden laid out and planted:

So it's almost been a month and although I was determined to start my garden out from seed only, things just haven't worked in my favor. The tomatoes never grew, I believe the weeds took their lives before they ever saw the light of day. My melons are dismal (these I expected to shoot up right away) and my carrots & celery are non-existent... nothing but weeds weeds weeds! So due to this I did what I thought I would not do and purchased established plants which I'm proud to say are now happily planted where the phantom seeds once were.

Amazingly enough what has grown has grown beautifully.
Most notably my arugula:


My Radishes:

 My Beets:

Surprisingly enough what I had thought would be a "me" project has turned into a project our whole family enjoys. Nate has been out there every time with me, pulling weeds and watering each and every plant. The kids love seeing what has changed since the last time we were there and I believe it has made them more aware of the circle of life and really how awesome is that?!

This is of course an evolving adventure and I will be updating the blog throughout the summer with lovely pictures of the growth and resulting bounty :)


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