Saturday, June 23, 2012

Boho Maxi Dress

I love an easy sewing project. I love it even more when it's something that when completed, looks like I purchased it in a store. So is the case with this Boho Maxi Dress tutorial I found via Pinterest. It really is the easiest dress I have ever made & it's so comfortable!

I was extremely nervous sewing jersey knit as it has a tendency to pucker & bunch up on you but I used a ball point needle and anxiously took my time. I trimmed the bottom of excess fabric because I'm a petite girl and I'm very prone to tripping and making a fool of myself :) I also used fabric that was already colored as I didn't have the time to dye. Although if I can't find all the colors I've envisioned I probably will have no choice but to dye.

This regal purple color looks gorgeous on my new summer tanned skin. I adore this dress and will probably be making more in every color imaginable.


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