Saturday, December 11, 2010

Our First Real Tree!

This year has brought many changes for our family with the new house being the biggest of them all. The new house has afforded us many perks but the one I have looked forward to the most is the ability to have a real live Christmas tree.

Nate and I have lived in apartments together since we were nineteen. Apartments, at least all the ones we have lived in, have a rule that only artificial trees can be used. I dreamed of the day that we could go as a family to pick out our tree, slap it to our car roof and drive it to it's new home. Well my friends that day has arrived! Here are some pictures of our first real tree adventure:

Nate Bringing The Tree Into Our House
Nate Helping Aaliyah Hang Ornaments
Uriyah Being...Well Uriyah :)
Aaliyah Placing The Star
The Tree In All It's Glory!


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