Saturday, October 9, 2010


I'm a frequent listener of podcast. During one of my recent listing sessions it was brought to my attention that there is something out there called Geocaching. According to the website, Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game played throughout the world by adventure seekers equipped with GPS devices. Let me tell you that they had me at high tech treasure hunt!

I was thrilled to find out that they have an iPhone app but not so thrilled when I saw the hefty $9.99 price tag. After reading the reviews I was convinced that it would be worth it. What an awesome way to spend some QT time with the fam. I started up the app and was able to search for nearby Geocaches. I was amazed to find 10 within less than a mile of our house! With that info we set a plan in motion to go on our first hunt this morning (October 9th).

After walking down some sidewalks and paved paths we came to the forest entry where our treasure was to be located:

It was a path not taken that's for sure! There were fallen branches, thorny twigs and even prickly stickers (ouch)!
At last we came upon a clearing and searched...and searched some more. We were just about to give up when Nate decided to go further into some trees and...
We found it!! What a rush. I was expecting a metal box based on other hunting stories I had heard, but there it was, a disposable ziplock container. But now on to the fun part of opening and seeing what goodies were inside.
To our surprise there was something for both Uriyah & Aaliyah! We signed the "log" to show that we had come and conquered and then we took the items that we wanted and left some that we had brought from home (a baby rattle and a McDonald's kids meal toy). We then sealed the treasure container back up and placed it back into it's hiding spot for the next adventure seekers to find.

We had such a blast going on our treasure hunt and look forward to doing it again very soon. I highly recommend sharing this experience with family & friends. The iPhone app made it so easy, if you have an iPhone it is completely worth the $10. You can use it all over the world! I'm especially looking forward to using it when we go to visit out of town friends & family. Our kids were so excited to see what the treasure would be and even more excited to leave treasure of their own.

Here's us when we were all done: 

...and our treasure stash. Don't worry there was a second pencil left for writing in the log book:

Oh...and Nate decided to climb a tree:


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