Thursday, September 9, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten!

Whew, what a day! The major question I'm struggling with today is

How did this:

Turn into this:

We knew it was coming but I didn't think it would arrive so quickly! Although it is an amazing site to see your first born run into the big world with eyes wide open, it is quite humbling to realize that they don't need you completely anymore.

As I type this Uriyah is meeting new friends and learning new things and that is what is keeping me together. I was so proud of myself as the bus slowly pulled away from the curb this morning. Only one tear was shed and then Aaliyah loudly broke the silence by proclaiming "It's cold! Time to go home!" We laughed and quickly started the short trek back.

This morning was a step taken into the newest chapter of our lives, a family with a school age child. I'm excited for this school year and what it will mean for Uriyah's growth & development. Nate & I have done a great job getting our baby boy to this point if I do say so myself and now we are anxiously awaiting the send off of Aaliyah in 2012 :-)

Here are a few more shots taken this morning:


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  1. I can't believe he's that grown up already! What a cutie :) I am excited to hear more about your adventures in t he future. CONGRATS mom and dad for getting him to this point!


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