Friday, August 13, 2010

New Blog & New House!

With the kids getting older it has become clear to me that a family blog makes more sense then individual kids photo sites (no offence Shutterfly). With this blog we hope to keep family & friends near and far updated on the who's and what's of our blissful little life. Maybe even a few strangers will be entertained by my ramblings :-)

There is lots in store over the coming months. Uriyah starts Kindergarten next month. He will be beginning his third year of dance and first on the performing line with The Dance Warehouse and also will start his second year as a member of the Metropolitan Boys Choir. Aaliyah will begin her second year of dance. There is a new canine family member in our near future and the newest line in my design business will see it's first holiday season (yea!).

We just this month moved into our first home. With two levels it has provided the space we have desperately needed for quite some time. The kids are enjoying having their own rooms. We are looking forward to having guests over and to our first real Christmas tree!

So until next time...


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